AI Sticker Generator

Easy-to-use AI sticker maker

Elevate your chats and social media with AI Stickers! Just snap a selfie or describe your vision, and let our custom sticker creator transform it into hyper-realistic stickers ready to be shared on your favorite messaging apps.

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Express yourself with AI Stickers that look just like you

Make your conversations more engaging by creating personalized AI generated stickers that perfectly capture your emotions and reactions.

Respond in real-time to messages with custom stickers that allow you to add a fun, creative touch to your chats on apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage.

Make stickers that look just like you
Generate custom stickers designs

Design your own stickers for every mood and occasion

Choose from a variety of premade presets or describe any sticker drawing idea you can imagine.

Whether you’re feeling funny, serious, or sassy our AI sticker maker brings your ideas to life in seconds, giving you endless custom sticker designs to express your vibe in chats and on social media.

Elevate your social media presence with AI Stickers

Make your posts and stories stand out on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter by incorporating and adding stickers to photos.

Engage your followers in a fresh and creative way with eye-catching stickers that reflect your style and interests.

Custom your own stickers for social media
Removing people from photo before and after

Enhance your personal brand

Strengthen your brand identity as a content creator or influencer by adding a personal touch to your content with the AI Sticker generator.

Generate stickers that align with your brand aesthetic and messaging, helping you build a consistent and recognizable online presence across various social media platforms.

Personalize your chats and strengthen connections

Create stickers to commemorate special events, birthdays, and milestones with friends and family.

Personalize your digital celebrations with sticker creation tailored to your inside jokes, shared memories, and unique experiences, making your interactions more meaningful and memorable.

Elevate your chats with stickers
Print Your Own Stickers

Print custom stickers for real-world use

Bring your AI stickers to life with Photoleap's Zazzle store! Take your personalized stickers beyond the digital by easily printing your custom stickers as sticker sheets or even wrapping paper, greeting cards and more.

Create unique, stickers featuring your own face or designs and use them to decorate your belongings, share with friends, or promote your brand in the real world.

How to make your own stickers:

how to create your own stickers
  • 1

    Open AI Stickers

    Open Photoleap and tap on AI Stickers from the home screen.

  • 2

    Choose your photo

    Take a selfie or upload a photo from your gallery.

  • 3

    Select or customize

    Choose from pre-made presets or describe your custom sticker using text prompts.

  • 4


    Save and share your sticker on your favorite messaging apps and social media platforms.

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AI sticker generator FAQ

How does the AI sticker maker work?

Simply take a selfie or describe your desired sticker using text prompts, and our AI technology will generate a personalized, hyper-realistic sticker in seconds, ready to be shared on messaging apps and social media.

What file formats are supported for downloading stickers?

You can download your custom stickers in popular formats like PNG or JPG, perfect for various uses.

Can I share the generated sticker on WhatsApp?

Yes, easily share your custom stickers across messaging platforms like WhatsApp to add fun to your chats.

Can I print my sticker designs?

Absolutely, print your sticker designs seamlessly with our integration with Zazzle. Perfect for personal or commercial use.

Can I find the sticker maker online?

Our sticker maker is available through the Photoleap app, bringing powerful sticker creation tools directly to your device.

Can I use the AI sticker generator for free?

With Photoleap, you can create AI Stickers for free, with a generation limit of 15 stickers per hour. For unlimited sticker creation and access to additional features, you can upgrade to Photoleap Pro with a free 7-day trial.