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Animate any photo with Photoleap's photo animation tools

Animate your photo and bring it to life with stunning picture animation. Turn static shots into dynamic, eye-catching visuals that stand out!

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Sky & water animation 

Make your landscape photos a narrative adventure with our photo animation maker tools. Imagine transforming a serene lake into a scene with gentle waves, or a static sky into a dynamic display of moving clouds.

Choose from an array of sky effects– from rainbow to stormy to dusk, and more. Add water animations to create a realistic water falling or playful splash effect.Ideal for adding depth to travel blogs, enhancing nature photography, or just bringing a touch of animation to your personal memories.

Animate photos with 3d motion stickers

Add image animation stickers

Transform your photos into engaging displays with our vibrant collection of moving Elements, designed to make your content captivating and unforgettable.

From whimsical fairy wings to glowing zodiac constellations, to dazzling fireworks – make each element jump off the screen and keep your viewers hooked. Perfect for social media, giving a playful touch to family photos, or any creative project, make your images pop by adding animation to photos! 

Add animated overlays

Sprinkle a little magic onto your photos with animated overlays. From animated streams to twinkling stars or fluttering butterflies, each overlay adds a new layer of storytelling. Just pick an overlay, animate your photo, and watch your photos mesmerize your audience!

Create with photo animation filters to overlay your photos
Add animated sparkle to photos and more

Add photo animation effects & 3D motion graphics 

Bring an extra dimension and cinematic quality to your photos with 3D motion graphics. Quickly and effortlessly, add your favorite camera motions for dynamic scenes and sprinkle in static 3D elements for depth. Want more? Add moving effects like sparkles or smoke for that extra wow factor.

Add motion to photos - focus where it counts

Photoleap lets you animate just the parts you want for targeted impact. Select the area you want to add movement to your photo, and choose the direction.

You can also animate text so your captions and titles can be just as lively as your pictures, enhancing the overall impact of your visual storytelling. Make your posts stand out on social media and easy to remember.

How to animate a photo

  • 1

    Open and get set

    Open the Photoleap app and tap 'Animate' to begin your animation adventure.

  • 2

    Upload your photo

    Choose the photo you’d like to animate from your gallery or snap a new one.

  • 3

    Pick animation tools

    Navigate through the animation options. Elements, overlays, sky, water – choose what you’d like to animate in your photo.

  • 4

    Customize and adjust

    Adjust your chosen animations to fit your photo perfectly. Add motion where you want it.

  • 5

    Share your animate photo

    Finalize your animated masterpiece and share it on social media. Watch as it grabs attention and wows your audience.

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Image animator FAQs

What is image animation?

Image animation is the process of adding movement to static images. This can range from subtle effects like water ripples to full-blown animations with moving elements and 3D effects, bringing still photos to life.

How to animate photos on an iPhone?

To animate photos on your iPhone with Photoleap, simply open the app and tap on 'Animate' at the top. Then, upload your photo and choose from our range of animation tools.

How to animate images on an Android?

Adding motion to photos on Android with Photoleap is easy. Open the app, select 'Animate', and upload your desired photo. Please note, while water and 3D motion effects are iOS exclusives, Android users have access to many other animation options.

How to make an animated GIF?

With Photoleap's animated gif maker, creating GIFs is easy! Just choose your photo, apply your desired animations, and save your creation as a GIF to share across your favorite platforms.

How to create moving stickers with Photoleap?

Adding moving stickers to your photos is easy in Photoleap. Browse our collection of dynamic stickers, found under Animate then Elements, from playful to artistic, and apply them to your photos for an extra layer of fun and movement.

Which image format can support animation?

When it comes to image animation, formats like GIF and webM are your go-to. These formats are designed to support and display animated visuals effectively.

Can I animate my photos for free with Photoleap?

Yes, you can animate photos using Photoleap's free features. Photoleap has a range of animation tools at no cost. For access to the full range of animation capabilities, you can upgrade to Photoleap Pro with a free 7-day trial!