Elevate your photos with AI Photo Enhancer

Sharpen and enhance the resolution of your photos with one tap, removing blur and improving clarity and details.

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Unblur images to crystal clear!

Blurry shots? Consider them a thing of the past. With Photoleap's AI, you can effortlessly unblur photos.

Remove blur from photos to bring out details, colors, and the clarity that got overshadowed. Whether it's motion blur or just a slight out-of-focus moment, your content is set to shine brighter and sharper.

Unblur Images - Unblur Photos with Photoleap
Enhance Photo Quality in Portraits

Elevate every portrait with Photoleap’s photo enhancer

Want portraits that pop? Fix low lighting, increase brightness, and enhance for that natural look.

Brighten underexposed shots, clarify the off-focus ones, and elevate facial details. Achieve sharper, crisper results with ease.

Increase the resolution of images

Higher image resolution is one click away. Boost the clarity and detail of your images in a snap. Forget about pixelated or grainy images; with just one click, enjoy photos that are rich in detail and visual appeal.

Enhance Photo Resolution
Enhance Old Family Pictures

Restore old family photos

Make the past look as vibrant as the present. Breathe new life into faded family photos without reminiscing in low-quality, pixelated visuals.

Our AI photo enhancer transforms your cherished memories, making nostalgia gleam in HD. Relive those memorable moments in pictures, now revitalized and radiant, as if time stood still.

Enhance image quality for any use case

Whether you're prepping a post for social media, fine-tuning visuals for a marketing campaign, or creating product images for e-commerce, let Photoleap be the magic behind every pixel-perfect image.

Increase Resolution of Images

How to enhance image quality

  • 1

    Import with ease

    Select and import an image directly from your device.

  • 2

    Sharpen in a snap

    Utilize Photoleap's smart photo enhancer tool to instantly refine and sharpen your image.

  • 3

    Export or elevate further

    Export your enhanced masterpiece, or dive deeper with the Photoleap’s suite of editing tools!

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Upscale photos with Photoleap

AI Image Upscaler

Easily upscale pictures and create stunning 4K visuals from text with Photoleap's AI-powered tools.

Change image styles with AI photo style transfer

AI Image Style Transfer

Change and stylize image styles into art by applying the look of one photo to another.

hair try on tool

AI Hairstyle Simulator

Easily change hair colors and try on new hairstyles with Photoleap's virtual hair editor.

Get tattoo inspiration with Photoleap’s AI tattoo generator

AI Tattoo Generator

Ready to rock a virtual tattoo? Create custom tattoo designs – no ink, no commitment and pain-free!

Create and inspire with the AI rooms planner

AI Interior Design

Reimagine your space with our AI interior design tools — from room makeovers to furniture swaps!

AI replace objects with Photoleap’s AI Transform tool

AI Replace

Transform images with AI! Add, replace or change objects in your photos, enhancing them with new elements or designs.

Generate new photo backgrounds with AI

AI Background Generator

Ready for a backdrop upgrade? Switch up your scenery with the magic of AI Backgrounds.

Use the photo colorizer to colorize black and white photos

AI Colorize Photo

Bring a splash of color to your images! Colorize photos from black and white, breathing life into every frame.

Use our AI text to image generator to create beautiful images

AI Image Generator

Imagine any scene, describe it, and watch our AI generator turn text to image and craft artwork instantly.

Expand the backgrounds of your photos with AI Uncrop

AI Image Extender

Stretch, expand image backgrounds, and reimagine photos beyond their original frame with AI Uncrop.

Add AI photo filters to your photos to stand out

AI Photo Filters

Start with your photo and reimagine yourselves and your world with the power of AI photo filters & effects.

Use Photoleap’s AI photo to painting tools to create works of art

AI Photo to Painting

Unleash the artist within you! Turn pictures into beautiful paintings with our AI painting features.

Photo Enhance FAQ

How to enhance a photo with Photoleap?

It's a breeze with Photoleap's AI photo enhancer! Simply import your photo, apply our advanced enhancer tool, and witness the magic unfold.

What is image resolution?

Image resolution refers to the detail an image holds. The higher the resolution, the more detail it contains. Think of it as the number of pixels in width and height of an image. Using Photoleap's picture resolution enhancer, you can improve and upscale this detail, giving your photos a clearer and sharper look.

How to fix pixelated images with Photoleap?

Pixelation be gone! Photoleap's image pixel enhancer tool tackles pixelated areas, refining them for a smoother appearance. Just import, enhance, and let Photoleap transform pixelated spots into seamless visuals.

How to brighten a photo with Photoleap?

Either opt for our AI photo enhancer for instant brightening or head to our adjust settings. There, you can fine-tune exposure, contrast, saturation, vibrance, or highlight to achieve the desired luminosity. Your photos will shine in no time.

How to enhance a photo on an iPhone?

Photoleap has you covered, iPhone users! With our photo enhancer in app, improving your images is as easy as tap, enhance, and export. Get your photos to stand out, all from the comfort of your iPhone.