Create captivating thumbnails with the YouTube thumbnail maker 

Make your videos impossible to scroll past! Create eye-catching and custom thumbnails for your YouTube channel with Photoleap.

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YouTube Thumbnail Maker by Photoleap

Create the perfect thumbnail for your YouTube channel

A compelling thumbnail is your first impression on YouTube. It can be the difference between a viewer clicking on your video or passing it by.

Whether you aim to go viral, boost your channel's growth, or get more views on your vlogs, a captivating thumbnail is key to attracting attention and making you stand out from the crowd.

Create the Perfect Thumbnail for your YouTube Video with Photoleap
Make a Thumbnail for YouTube with Photoleap

Easy thumbnail creator for everyone

Photoleap's thumbnail maker simplifies the design process for influencers, businesses, podcasters, and anyone looking to make an impact.

No design skills? No problem. Our intuitive tools ensure that creating an impactful thumbnail is easy and accessible for all.

Enhance your custom YouTube thumbnails with filters, effects, fonts & more

Bring your thumbnails to life with Photoleap's rich collection of user-friendly tools from photo filters and effects, stylish fonts, and more!

Customize your visuals to stand out, reflect your video's content, and resonate with your audience.

Create custom designs for your YouTube thumbnail with Photoleap

Leverage AI for creative thumbnails

Set your thumbnails apart with Photoleap's AI creative tools. From AI photo filters to one-tap AI backgrounds, and our AI image enhancer, our tech offers unique effects to make your thumbnails truly memorable.

Enhance Your YouTube Thumbnail with Photoleap’s AI

Innovate with Text to Image Generator

Struggling for thumbnail ideas? Use our Text-to-Image generator to create compelling visuals. Simply describe your concept, and let AI craft the perfect image to complement your video.

Generate text to image with the AI YouTube thumbnail generator

How to make YouTube thumbnails

How to Create a YouTube Thumbnail with Photoleap
  • 1

    Upload your photo

    Choose an image that best represents your video. This could be a still from the video itself or any other image that captures the essence of your content.

  • 2

    Customize your thumbnail

    Use Photoleap's array of editing tools to personalize your thumbnail. From compelling text to filters and effects to match your channel's aesthetic or to make your thumbnail stand out.

  • 3

    Share your creation

    Once you're satisfied with your thumbnail, save it to your device. Then, upload it to your YouTube channel to start attracting more viewers and subscribers.

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YouTube thumbnail maker FAQ

What size should my YouTube thumbnail be?

YouTube recommends thumbnails to be 1280x720 pixels. Photoleap’s YouTube thumbnail maker tools helps you easily resize to this standard, ensuring your thumbnails look great on all devices

How do I choose a good image for my thumbnail?

The best way to make YouTube thumbnails is by selecting images that are clear, in focus, and directly related to your video content. Emotive or action-packed photos can increase click-through rates.

Should I include my picture on my thumbnail?

Including a picture of yourself can be effective, especially if you're the focus of your channel. It personalizes your content and helps viewers connect.

What are the requirements for YouTube thumbnail images?

Besides the 1280x720 pixel size, ensure your thumbnail is under 2MB, in JPG, GIF, or PNG format. 

Is Photoleap’s thumbnail maker free?

Photoleap offers both free and Pro tools for creating YouTube thumbnails. Start with a free 7-day trial for access to all advanced features.

Can I add text to my image online with Photoleap?

Currently, inserting text on pictures is not possible online with Photoleap. This feature is exclusively available on our iOS app.

Can I add text to my thumbnail?

Absolutely! Adding compelling text to your thumbnail can significantly impact viewer interest. Photoleap provides various fonts and styles for this purpose.

Do I need experience to create a good thumbnail?

No, Photoleap is user-friendly for creators of all skill levels. Our intuitive design tools make it easy to create professional-looking thumbnails.

Can I add text to photo with my Android?

Photoleap's add text to photo feature is currently only available for iOS users. Stay tuned for future updates on platform availability.

Can I design my thumbnail online?

Unfortunately, online design is not available. For full access to our YouTube thumbnail maker features, please use our app.