Make a custom Valentine’s Day card in just a few taps

Create, share, and print personalized Valentine’s Day cards with photos for him or for her in just moments with Photoleap.

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Instant gorgeous cards with Valentine’s Day filters

Create stunning Valentine’s Day cards instantly with Photoleap’s premade designs. Just head to AI Filters, upload your photo, choose a design from our Valentine’s Day card category, and you're ready to go!

Perfect for those who want a gorgeous card without starting from scratch.

Use Valentine’s Day Filters on your photos
Make personalized Valentines cards with text

Express your heart with personalized messages

For those who love customization, add text to photos to make every word count this Valentine’s Day! Express your love with personalized messages using Photoleap's text tools.

Choose the perfect font to convey your feelings, whether it's a romantic poem or a simple 'I love you’ or ‘Happy Valentine’s Day.’

*Photoleap’s text tools are exclusive to iOS.

Frame your love: borders and frames for every mood

Add a special touch to your custom Valentine's cards by adding frames and borders to your photos from our beautiful collection.

Whether you're going for a vintage look or something more modern, choose from various styles to frame your special moments, whether it’s for a romantic message or a Galentine’s wish.

Use frames and borders for Valentines card design
Make your own Valentines card with customizable tools

DIY cards made easy with endless customizable tools

Enhance your personalized Valentine's cards with Photoleap's photo filters and effects, adding a unique flair to your creations. Crop images to size your cards perfectly for different platforms or use our photo collage maker tools to weave together memories.

Or, with our text to image generator, transform your words into beautiful visuals, making card creation easy and fun, even for those with no editing experience.

Share your unique Valentine’s cards with versatile sharing options

Share your love both online and offline. Once your card is ready, share it easily on social media, or send an ecard  directly via email or text message. For a more traditional touch, print your custom Valentine’s Day cards to hand-deliver to your loved one.

Our print-friendly formats ensure your printable Valentine's Day cards look as great in hand as they do on screen.

Create digital Valentine’s Day cards to share anywhere!
Create printable Valentine’s Day cards

Print & treasure: physical designs for lasting memories

Create your designs with Photoleap, then easily turn your digital art into tangible products with one tap.

Land in Photoleap's store on Zazzle and voilà, your designs transform into printed keepsakes, from cards to custom mugs, celebrating your love in a way that's tangible and lasting.

Craft funny Valentine’s Day cards for him or her

Inject some humor into your Valentine's Day cards. Make your loved one laugh with witty messages and quirky designs. Our tools make it easy to create a card that's as fun and unique as your relationship.

Craft funny Valentines cards for your loved ones
Make Galentines cards for your friends

Galentine's fun: celebrate friendship

Don't forget your gal pals this Valentine's Day. Create unique Galentine's cards to show them how special they are with a personalized, heartfelt card.

It's easier than buying a card from a store, allowing you to add a private joke or memory that's just right for your friendship.

Customize card design for Valentine’s Day on the go

Skip the scissors or the glue, create DIY Valentine's cards easily with Photoleap’s photo editing tools. Customize your cards anywhere, anytime with our mobile app.

Whether you're on a bus or taking a break at work, your perfect card, crafted in moments, looks like you've put in hours of effort.

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How to make a Valentine’s Day card?

How to make a valentine's day card
  • 1

    Choose a premade design or start fresh

    Select from our Valentine’s Day card designs or start with a blank canvas.

  • 2

    Customize your card

    Use text (iOS exclusive), borders, filters, and effects to add your personal touch.

  • 3

    Share or print

    Share your Valentine’s Day card digitally or print it out. Opt for easy printing through our Zazzle store for tangible keepsakes.

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Valentine’s card maker FAQ

Can I add my own photos to the Valentine’s card?

Create stunning Valentine’s Day photo cards. Personalize your card by uploading photos directly into Photoleap, adding a truly custom touch to your Valentine's message.

Can I add text to my Valentine’s Day card?

Absolutely! With Photoleap's text tools (exclusive to iOS), you can easily add loving words to your Valentine's Day card for her or him! Select from various fonts and styles to perfectly match the sentiment of your message.

Can I design a printable Valentine’s Day card?

Yes, you can easily create printable Valentine’s Day cards directly from Photoleap. Our tool ensures your design is print-ready for a beautiful physical card.

Can I create my own Valentine’s Day card template?

Photoleap offers a variety of Valentine’s Day card designs under our AI filters category. While you can't create a template from scratch, you can choose from our pre-made designs and personalize them to make a card that’s uniquely yours.

Can I send my Valentine's Day Card digitally?

Definitely! Photoleap allows you to share your personalized Valentine’s Day cards virtually via social media, email, or text messages.

Can I create Valentine's cards for my partner or family members?

Absolutely! Photoleap allows you to create heartfelt Valentine's cards for everyone important in your life. Whether you're making a card for your boyfriend or girlfriend, fiancé, wife or husband, mother or father, or any loved one, our tools help you personalize your message perfectly.

Can I create my Valentines cards online?

Most of our card-making tools for Valentine’s Day are available on the Photoleap app.

Is Photoleap’s Valentine’s card maker tools free?

Photoleap offers a mix of tools for creating free valentines cards. For access to all features, consider upgrading to Pro with a free 7-day trial.