AI Selfie

Create endless versions of you with the AI selfie generator 

Reimagine your whole world with our AI selfie generator. Create AI art from your selfies, there are no limits to what you can become!

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Cartoon yourself into new worlds 

Embark on whimsical adventures with our Cartoon AI Filters. Picture yourself exploring the cosmos as a space explorer or ruling a kingdom as a medieval princess.

Each style opens a door to a fantastical, animated realm where your imagination sets the scene.

Create cartoon photos from your selfies with AI
Create AI Headshots with our AI Selfie generator

Create professional generated AI Headshots

Strike a pose for the AI and let it capture your professional best. From sleek corporate looks to creative industry vibes, our AI Headshot Generator crafts high-resolution portraits perfect for LinkedIn, company profiles, academic applications, and more without the need for a photoshoot.

Channel your inner anime character with AI

Step into the vibrant world of anime and discover yourself as a character straight out of your favorite manga or anime series.

Choose styles to turn selfies into anime like Chibi or Shonen and visualize yourself as a character in epic tales!

Make anime selfies with our AI selfie generator
With our AI selfie app turn yourself into comic characters

Comic adventures: generate AI Selfies from page to reality!

Turn your photos into comics from your selfies. Step into the role of characters ranging from a sorcerer to villain and imagine yourself in thrilling adventures.

Craft a narrative where you’re the protagonist in a comic book world with our AI generated selfies!

Step into the gaming arena 

Transform your selfie into iconic gaming characters. Embrace your gaming alter-ego with styles that turn you into knights, ninjas, cyber warriors, and more!

Our AI selfie generator brings your gaming virtual personas to life, perfect for adding a personal touch to your gaming profiles and streams.

Create a gaming AI photo with our selfie generator
Turn selfies into AI art

Artistic AI Selfies: from selfies to masterpieces

Turn your selfies into stunning pieces of AI art. Our AI art generator can turn photos to paintings through AI Filters in styles like oil paintings or custom art styles, giving you an opportunity to see yourself through a new artistic lens, transforming a simple selfie into a piece of personalized artwork!

Make 90s yearbook photos from your selfies

Transport today's selfies back to 90s cool. Stroll the halls of memory lane! Own the yearbook trend by uploading a selfie, selecting an AI yearbook style, and get your own trendy 90s themed AI yearbook photo in a flash.

Get set for a blast from the past that’s sure to be a hit on your socials!

Generate AI yearbook selfies
Create a profile picture with AI Selfies

Create one-of-a-kind social profile pictures for social media

Bring magic to every image and express yourself uniquely on social media. Our AI Selfies let you create custom, eye-catching profile pictures (PFPs)  that set you apart, making your online presence as dynamic and captivating as you are across all platforms.

It’s more than just an image; it’s a reflection of your creativity and individuality, ensuring you leave a memorable impression in the digital world.

How to make AI selfies

How to make AI selfies with Photoleap app
  • 1

    Open the Photoleap app

    Start by launching the Photoleap app.

  • 2

    Navigate to AI Selfies

    On the main homepage, go to 'AI Edits' and then select 'AI Selfies'.

  • 3

    Upload your photo

    Upload the photo you want to transform into an AI selfie.

  • 4

    Choose your style

    Explore different categories and styles and select the one that appeals to you.

  • 5

    Share your creation

    Once your AI selfie is ready, share it on social media and impress your friends with your new, unique look.

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Convert photo to comics

AI Comics Generator

Turn a photo into a comic book character with AI and create art effortlessly!

Create characters from photos with Photoleap's AI

AI Character Generator

Generate AI characters! Explore diverse styles and bring your unique digital personas to life.

Explore anime filters with Photoleap

Photo to anime converter

Turn your pictures into anime with AI filters, crafting unique anime portraits instantly.

Use the AI gender swapper on your photos

AI Gender Swap

Explore the fun of transformation with our gender swap filters. See the opposite you in moments!

Create an AI portrait with Photoleap

AI portrait generator

Create AI-generated portraits, perfectly tailored to reflect your personal style and imagination.

Create optical illusions in your photos with Photoleap

Hidden images

Uncover the unseen with AI: Dive into hidden face optical illusions and reveal the unexpected in your photos.

Morph two faces together with Face Mix

AI Morph Faces

Merge faces with your fave celebrities and create an iconic mashup with Face Mix!

Swap faces with AI easily with Photoleap

Swap faces with AI

Dive into the AI fun for the most realistic, laugh-out-loud face swaps or trying out new looks in just a few taps!

Turn your pet into cartoon with AI

AI Pet Portrait Generator

Cartoonize your pets from dogs to cats - your furry friend's next purrfect portrait is just a tap away!

Create AI art crafts with Photoleap

AI Art Generator

Unleash the artist with you! Create AI art and dive into a world where your imagination becomes reality.

Turn photos to cartoon with Photoleap

AI Photo to Cartoon

Cartoon your photos from selfies to pets to landscapes, and add a splash of fun to every shot.

Create professional generated headshots

AI Headshot Generator

Strike a pose, choose your industry style, and create a professional AI headshot.

Create an AI yearbook photo with our yearbook maker

AI Yearbook

Own the throwback trend! Transport today’s selfies back to 90s cool with a trendy AI yearbook photo.

Create AI Avatars from your selfies

AI Avatar Generator

Create endless versions of you with custom AI Avatars - from pirates to anime, venture into new worlds!

AI Selfies FAQ

What is an AI generated selfie?

An AI-generated selfie is a digital portrait created using the Photoleap AI selfie generator. It transforms your standard selfies into unique versions with various styles like cartoons, anime, gaming characters, and more, using advanced AI technology.

How to make an AI art selfie with Photoleap?

Turn selfies into AI art with Photoleap, open the app, select 'AI Selfies' under 'AI Edits', upload your photo, and choose from the available art styles. Our AI selfie art tool will transform your photo into a stunning piece of art.

Is Photoleap a free AI selfie generator?

Photoleap’s AI selfie generator offers both free and premium AI selfie styles. Upgrading to Pro with a free 7-day trial gives you full access to all our advanced AI styles and features!