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Image cropping has never been easier! Crop photos to any size and shape in seconds.

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Crop out parts of your photos

With Photoleap app’s cropping image tool, effortlessly take control of your photos to fit your vision. From cropping out background distractions to resizing for an ideal fit, we’ve got all the tools you need.

Plus, our preset ratios make adjusting to a specific size seamless, highlighting the best parts of your image.

Crop images to specific sizes
Crop app for Instagram and more

Crop photos for Instagram, Facebook, and more

When it comes to getting your photos social-media ready, Photoleap's got your back. Our aspect ratio cropper offers a range of fixed ratios, optimized for diverse platforms.

Whether you're crafting that perfect square Instagram post, adjusting your Facebook profile picture, or ensuring your Twitter has the ideal cover, we make sure every photo is tailored to fit its platform beautifully. 

Image cropping into collage grids and frames

Dive deeper into Photoleap's app cropping capabilities: use our photo crop editor to custom crop your photos into fun frames or organize them into dynamic collage grids for a multi-photo display.

It's all about giving you the freedom to design and showcase your images in fresh and innovative ways.

Photo cropping app for collage grids and frames
Crop photos into custom shapes

Crop pictures into custom shapes

Shape crop with precision to bring a new dimension to your photos.

Crop your image into a circle or something more playful like stars, hearts, or diamonds. If you want distinct designs, explore unique shapes like rainbow, or infinity.

For those who want to keep things timeless, the square image cropper is always ready to go!

Use the Cutout tool to cut out specific parts of images

Looking to crop out a person from a group photo or cut out a unique part of an image for some artistic layering? Whatever your creative vision, the Photoleap app is ready to help you bring it to life.

Our photo cropping tool, Cutout, lets you crop out specific subjects, objects, backgrounds, and more from your images.

Cut parts of images with Cutout

How to crop an image with Photoleap?

  • 1

    Upload your image

    Begin by importing a photo into the Photoleap app.

  • 2

    Choose your crop

    Tap on the crop icon. From here, you can select from preset ratios or use the freehand crop for more personalized adjustments.

  • 3

    Shape your image

    Want a different shape? Choose the 'Shape' option and pick from various shapes to customize your photo.

  • 4

    Optimize for social media

    Click on 'Canvas' and then 'Sizes' to find fixed ratios perfect for social platforms, ensuring your images fit perfectly wherever you decide to post them.

  • 5

    Download & Share

    Once you're happy with your edits, download your customized image and share it with the world!

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Continue your creative journey with Photoleap

Take your photos from ordinary to extraordinary with easy-to-use tools.

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Create a photo collage easily with Photoleap’s photo collage maker

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Add cool photo effects and filters to your images

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Crop images FAQ

Can I crop a photo for social media?

Absolutely! With Photoleap, you can easily crop photos tailored for various social media platforms. Whether you're aiming to crop a photo for Instagram or adjust an image for your Facebook profile or cover, we've got the optimal ratios and tools to help you achieve the perfect fit.

Can I crop a photo on an iPhone?

It's straightforward with Photoleap. Our app to combine photos into one provides easy-to-use tools that let you layer and combine images into one cohesive piece. Just upload your desired photos, use the blending tool, adjust to your liking, and save!

Can I crop JPGs, PNGs and GIFs with Photoleap?

Absolutely! With Photoleap, you can easily crop your image, be it JPG or PNG. However, you can't crop an animated GIF.

How can I crop my picture into a circle?

If you’re wondering how to crop your photo into a circle with Photoleap, go to 'Cutout', then 'Shapes', and select 'Circle' to circle crop your image.

Is Photoleap’s Image Cropper free to use?

Yes, you can use Photoleap to crop photos for free. Whether you're looking to crop photos into a circle or need the flexibility of the freehand crop, we've got you covered, and more. There's also a Pro subscription for those seeking more advanced features with a free 7-day trial.

Will I lose the quality of my image after cropping?

No, with Photoleap, you can crop a photo without losing quality. Our advanced algorithms ensure it retains its original clarity and details.