AI FaceSwitch

Easily swap faces with AI

Time to mix things up! Experience the thrill of transformation with Photoleap app’s AI face swapper tool, FaceSwitch. Swap faces in your photos for humorous effects, creative content, or just for fun!

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Swap faces in photos with Photoleap

Make hilarious photos with the face swapper

Turn group photos into a source of laughter with Photoleap app’s head swap tool, FaceSwitch. Swap faces among friends or family in your photos for an instantly funny group portrait.

Discover how much you and your family members really look alike, or fulfill your wish of having a twin by using the face swap editor to double the fun.

Create creative content with Photoleap’s face changer & replacer

Influencers, YouTubers, and artists looking for innovative ways to express themselves, use the AI photo face swap tool to generate trendy content, from swapping faces with iconic photos to creating meme-worthy images. Elevate your social media presence with visuals that capture attention.

Photoleap app changes your faces with FaceSwitch
Changes clothes on photo and more

Swap faces on photos to experiment with new looks

Curious about a new hairstyle or makeup look? FaceSwitch acts as your virtual try-on booth. Swap faces to preview different looks on yourself, making it an invaluable tool for personal style exploration.

How to face swap with Photoleap

  • 1


    Head into Photoleap and hit “FaceSwitch” under Instant Edits. The fun's about to unfold.

  • 2

    Choose your photo

    Select that photo you've been wanting to spice up. Your canvas awaits!

  • 3

    Find the perfect match

    Now, pick another photo for the face you want to swap in. Who's it going to be?

  • 4

    Share the laughs

    Once you're thrilled with the swap, share your creation on social media. Get ready for some double takes!

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Face swapper FAQ

Can I face swap for free on Photoleap?

Enjoy Photoleap app’s free AI face swap features by subscribing to Pro with a free 7-day trial!

Can I use the face swapping tool online with Photoleap?

Photoleap's AI face swap feature is designed for use within our app, making AI face swapping online not available at the moment. For the full face changer fun, we invite you to download and explore the app.

Can I do a gender swap on the Photoleap app?

Currently, Photoleap doesn’t offer a gender swap AI feature. Stay tuned for updates on our expanding feature set!

What types of people can I swap faces with?

Let your imagination soar with Photoleap by swapping faces with any person in your photos. Whether you’re aiming for a laugh with celebrity face swaps or adding a whimsical touch with cartoon face swaps, the options are boundless.

How does the AI face swapper work?

Our AI face changer is easy to use. Just change the face in a photo by simply uploading your images and choosing the faces you want to swap. Then, let AI do its magic! Photoleap’s face swapper AI seamlessly changes and replaces faces in photos.