Colorize Tool

Colorize photos
with AI: Revitalize
your memories

Bring a splash of color to your images with AI! Colorize black and white photos, breathing life into every frame, adding not just color but a new dimension to your memories.

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Use Photoleap’s AI to colorize photos

AI Colorize photos
in one tap 

Dive into the past with a fresh, colorful perspective!
Add AI Colorize to a black and white photo to restore images with stunning colors, adding depth and vibrancy to every cherished moment. 

Colorize old photos & bring them back to life

Add color to black and white photos, whether it's old family photos, classic movie screenshots, historical figures, black and white landscapes, and more!

Our technology transforms them into high-quality color photos in seconds and lets you reimagine the past! 

Add color to old photos with AI Colorize
Photoleap app adds color to photos

Elevate visual appeal with photo color correction 

The addition of color can enhance a photo's aesthetic, making it visually engaging and attractive.

Our color changer photo editor is perfect for creative projects or presentations, or even a unique gift, where the impact of color can tell a story, evoke emotions, and capture attention. 

How to colorize photos

How to colorize photos
  • 1

    Open Photoleap

    Embark on your color adventure by launching
    the Photoleap app.

  • 2

    Choose AI Colorize

    Navigate to the 'AI Colorize' feature.

  • 3

    Upload your photo

    Select and upload the black and white photo you wish to transform.

  • 4

    Experience the transformation

    Hit the colorize button and watch as your photo bursts into vibrant life, revealing a stunning before and after.

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Photo Colorizer FAQ

How to colorize black and white photos with Photoleap?

To make black and white photos color, simply open the Photoleap app and select the 'AI Colorize', upload your black and white image and tap it to transform it into a vibrant, colored version. It's a quick and easy way to breathe new life into your classic photos.

Does the Photoleap app colorize black and white photos on mobiles?

Yes, Photoleap is a versatile colorize photo app that works seamlessly on mobile devices, allowing you to easily upload and transform black and white photos into full-color images on the go.

Does Photoleap use AI to color black and white photos?

Absolutely! Photoleap uses the best AI photo colorizer technology, employing advanced algorithms to apply the most natural and realistic colors, ensuring precise and beautiful colorization.

Can I colorize my photos for free with Photoleap?

Colorizing photos with Photoleap is a feature available through our Pro subscription. Explore this feature by signing up for our free 7-day trial! This gives you complete access to experience how your black and white photos can come to life with color and access to all tools.