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Blur images in seconds

Whether it's blurring photo backgrounds to highlight your subject or adding a creative blur to the entire image, our image blur tools make it simple and fun to make your photos stand out.

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Blur pictures easily with Photoleap
Blur photo backgrounds

Create blurry backgrounds: spotlight your subject

Looking to keep your subject front and center in your pictures? Photoleap is your go-to app to blur picture backgrounds.

Use our Blur Background feature for everything from fading out distracting elements to softly enhancing portrait edges, all while keeping your main focus crystal clear.

Total blur transformation

Our editor lets you easily blur out your entire photo, perfect for when you want to add a touch of mystery or an artistic flair to your images. Turn your photos into something uniquely captivating!

Blur out entire photo
Photoleap is an app that blurs photos- experiment with our blur editor styles

Choose how to blur your photo with different styles

With Photoleap's blur tools go beyond basic edits as each style in our blur editor lets you add your own creative twist to any image. Choose from a variety of blurry photo effect styles like classic, motion, or zoom.

Versatile blurring for any shot

Say goodbye to those random street signs and photobombers with a background blur, keeping your scene clean and focused. And for those times you want to add a little mystery or dreaminess to your landscapes and cityscapes, our blur tool is just the magic you need.

It's also ideal for adding a sense of motion to action shots, or for crafting a nostalgic feel in everyday scenes. Whatever your creative goal, our blur tools are your key to visual storytelling.

Blur photos for every shot
Adjust blur with Photoleap’s blur photo editor

Adjust blur to your liking

With Photoleap, you're in control. Our blur photo editor lets you add blur to your photo exactly how you want it. Whether it's a light touch or a more pronounced effect, you can blur your photo to suit exactly the style you’re going for.

How to blur photos:

How to blur photos
  • 1

    Open Photoleap app

    Launch the app and head to 'Instant Edits'.
    Select 'Blur Background' to blur photo backgrounds or head to the editor and choose ‘Blur’ to blur your entire photo.

  • 2

    Upload your photo

    Choose a photo to upload. You can select an existing photo or take a new one.

  • 3

    Choose your blur style

    Pick from various blur styles like classic, motion, or zoom to match your creative vision.

  • 4

    Adjust to your liking

    Fine-tune the blur intensity and area to get the exact effect you desire.

  • 5

    Share and save

    Once you're happy with your blurred photo, save it to your gallery or share on social media.

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Blur Photos FAQ

Can I blur my photos for free on Photoleap?

Blurring photo backgrounds and using the blur function from the editor are Pro features in the Photoleap app. Try them out with a 7-day free trial to experience the full capabilities of Photoleap!

Can I blur photos online?

Photoleap's blur tools are exclusively available in our app, designed to provide you with a seamless and powerful editing experience right on your device.

How to blur photo backgrounds with Photoleap?

To create a blurry background with Photoleap, simply select your picture in the app and choose the blur background tool. Adjust the intensity and style of the blur to achieve the perfect blurry background for your image.

How can I blur pictures on iPhone?

Blurring photos on your iPhone with Photoleap is straightforward. Open the app, select your photo, and then tap on the ‘Blur Backgrounds’ or ‘Blur’ tools to blur the background or the entire photo. Achieve a blur effect on iphone photos easily with us.