AI Photo To Painting

Transform picture to painting with AI

Unleash the artist within you! In just seconds, turn your photos into stunning works of art with Photoleap’s AI photo to painting converter tools.

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Create with photo into painting filters

Dive into the artistic world with our AI painting filters. From vibrant abstracts to classic styles, transform any photo, from portraits to landscapes or interiors, into art effortlessly. Choose from a variety of preset styles or use custom prompts to specify the artist style or material you desire, creating a masterpiece unique to you.

Whether you’re inspired by famous painters or have a specific art style in mind, our tools make it easy to see your photos in a new, artistic light.

Transform your photos into paintings with Photoleap’s filters
Create AI generated oil paintings

Turn photos into oil paintings

Ever wondered what you'd look like in an oil painting? With our painting filters, you can turn your pictures into elegant oil paintings. It's like stepping into an art gallery where you're the star of the show. Experience the richness and depth of oil painting with just a tap.

Mix your face with iconic paintings

Get creative with Face Mix. Blend your photo with famous artworks like Mona Lisa or Shakespeare. It's one part you, one part iconic art, all mixed with a dash of AI magic.

Morph your look with star power and create a unique, iconic mix that reflects your individual style and the classic art world.

Turn photos into AI art
Create AI painting from photo

Turn pictures into art landscapes

Give your rooms an artistic makeover. Choose from styles like Surreal, Realist, Fauvism, and more, and turn your interior pictures into a stunning art piece. It’s fun, easy, and a great way to see your home in a whole new artistic perspective.

How to turn a photo into a painting

How to blur photos
  • 1

    Pick your tool

    Navigate to Photoleap app's home screen and choose the feature you’d like to use, from AI Filters to Sketch It.

  • 2

    Start with your image

    Upload the photo you want to transform into art. Any picture works, from portraits to landscapes.

  • 3

    See your picture transform

    Watch as Photoleap works its magic, turning your image into an artistic masterpiece.

  • 4

    Share your artwork

    Now that your photo has been transformed, share your new piece of art on social media and impress your friends and followers!

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Upscale photos with Photoleap

AI Image Upscaler

Easily upscale pictures and create stunning 4K visuals from text with Photoleap's AI-powered tools.

Change image styles with AI photo style transfer

AI Image Style Transfer

Change and stylize image styles into art by applying the look of one photo to another.

hair try on tool

AI Hairstyle Simulator

Easily change hair colors and try on new hairstyles with Photoleap's virtual hair editor.

Get tattoo inspiration with Photoleap’s AI tattoo generator

AI Tattoo Generator

Ready to rock a virtual tattoo? Create custom tattoo designs – no ink, no commitment and pain-free!

Create and inspire with the AI rooms planner

AI Interior Design

Reimagine your space with our AI interior design tools — from room makeovers to furniture swaps!

AI replace objects with Photoleap’s AI Transform tool

AI Replace

Transform images with AI! Add, replace or change objects in your photos, enhancing them with new elements or designs.

Expand the backgrounds of your photos with AI Uncrop

AI Image Extender

Stretch, expand image backgrounds, and reimagine photos beyond their original frame with AI Uncrop.

Use the photo colorizer to colorize black and white photos

AI Colorize Photo

Bring a splash of color to your images! Colorize photos from black and white, breathing life into every frame.

Use our AI text to image generator to create beautiful images

AI Image Generator

Imagine any scene, describe it, and watch our AI generator turn text to image and craft artwork instantly.

Sharpen and enhance photos with our AI image enhancer

AI Photo Enhancer

Sharpen and enhance photo resolution of blurry or old family photos into high definition.

Generate new photo backgrounds with AI

AI Background Generator

Ready for a backdrop upgrade? Switch up your scenery with the magic of AI Backgrounds.

Add AI photo filters to your photos to stand out

AI Photo Filters

Start with your photo and reimagine yourselves and your world with the power of AI photo filters & effects.

Use Photoleap’s AI photo to painting tools to create works of art

AI Photo to Painting

Unleash the artist within you! Turn pictures into beautiful paintings with our AI painting features.

Picture into painting FAQ

What is an AI painter?

An AI painter is a feature that uses artificial intelligence to transform photos into art. It analyzes your photo and applies artistic styles, mimicking the techniques of painting. Discover all of our AI photo to painting features in our AI Photo Editor.

How do I turn my photos into art?

To turn your photos into art, simply use Photoleap’s painting with AI features. Upload your photo, select the desired artistic feature and style, and let the AI work its magic.

Do I need any special skills to use Photoleap’s photo-to-art tools?

Not at all! Our AI painting app tools are designed for ease of use. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced creator, you can create beautiful art from your photos with no special skills required.

Are Photoleap’s AI painting generator tools free?

Photoleap offers a range of AI painting tools, with many features accessible for free. However, some tools are available with a Pro subscription. You can explore these premium features with a 7-day free trial– it’s a great way to experience the full artistic potential of Photoleap!