AI Filters

Transform your images with AI photo filters

Step into a world of endless creativity with Photoleap app! Our versatile AI photo filters instantly transform selfies, scenes and rooms, unlocking a realm of visual possibilities and bringing a touch of magic to your images.

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Add AI Art Filters to Your Selfies

Unleash your imagination with AI Selfies

Ever dreamt of becoming your favorite superhero, a majestic mermaid, or a wild western cowboy? With AI Selfies, your dreams are just a snap away!

Watch as our AI art filters transport you into extraordinary worlds, transforming your selfies in the blink of an eye. There are no limits to what you can become.

Make AI-generated scenes

Create new worlds with AI Scenes. Discover endless possibilities to turn your landscapes into realms inspired by iconic cities such as Cairo and Kyoto, your interiors into magical wonderlands of marshmallows or Victorian elegance, and more all while keeping the scene’s true essence!

Transform Your Photos into AI-Generated Scenes
Add Anime Filter to Photo

Step into manga & anime with our AI filters

Ready to channel your inner anime character? With Photoleap app’s anime filters, it's easy! Want the charm of chibi or the fantasy worlds of isekai? Just pick and click. In seconds, you're not just taking a selfie, you're stepping into your favorite anime or manga tale.

Dive into animated adventures with AI Cartoon filters

Want to see yourself as a space explorer or even a medieval knight? Our cartoon filters on our app makes it super fun and easy.

Pick a style from stone age to skeleton and everything in between. Tap, transform, and see your animated side come alive.

Add Cartoon Filters to Your Photos
Transform Your Interiors with AI Rooms Effects

Revamp your interiors with AI Rooms

Give your spaces a fresh vibe with AI Rooms. Fancy a movie-inspired look? Or maybe a touch of Art Deco or modern Danish style? No worries. Pick a preset, and in a snap, your room gets a whole new feel.

With AI Rooms, it's all about playing around and finding what fits your space best. Turn any room into a fun design project.

Create iconic mixes with FaceMix

Morph your individuality with iconic star power. Choose from existing filters or custom prompts to swap faces with your favorite celebrity.

Merge and replace your face in photos with your favorite pop legend, film star, or choose any two celebrities for a fun mix. Your creativity sets the stage!

Mix Your Face with Celebrities

How can I use AI filters?

Use AI filters with Photoleap
  • 1

    Start with a snap

    Upload your favorite selfie.

  • 2

    Define your transformation

    Pick from AI Selfies presets or type in a specific prompt, such as "me in a cool neon style".

  • 3

    Watch the magic happen!

    Simply sit back and let our cutting-edge AI algorithms do the rest.

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hair try on tool

AI Hairstyle Simulator

Easily change hair colors and try on new hairstyles with Photoleap's virtual hair editor.

Get tattoo inspiration with Photoleap’s AI tattoo generator

AI Tattoo Generator

Ready to rock a virtual tattoo? Create custom tattoo designs – no ink, no commitment and pain-free!

Create and inspire with the AI rooms planner

AI Interior Design

Reimagine your space with our AI interior design tools — from room makeovers to furniture swaps!

AI replace objects with Photoleap’s AI Transform tool

AI Replace

Transform images with AI! Add, replace or change objects in your photos, enhancing them with new elements or designs.

Use the photo colorizer to colorize black and white photos

AI Colorize Photo

Bring a splash of color to your images! Colorize photos from black and white, breathing life into every frame.

Expand the backgrounds of your photos with AI Uncrop

AI Image Extender

Stretch, expand image backgrounds, and reimagine photos beyond their original frame with AI Uncrop.

Generate new photo backgrounds with AI

AI Background Generator

Ready for a backdrop upgrade? Switch up your scenery with the magic of AI Backgrounds.

Sharpen and enhance photos with our AI image enhancer

AI Photo Enhancer

Sharpen and enhance photo resolution of blurry or old family photos into high definition.

Use our AI text to image generator to create beautiful images

AI Image Generator

Imagine any scene, describe it, and watch our AI generator turn text to image and craft artwork instantly.

Add AI photo filters to your photos to stand out

AI Photo Filters

Start with your photo and reimagine yourselves and your world with the power of AI photo filters & effects.

Use Photoleap’s AI photo to painting tools to create works of art

AI Photo to Painting

Unleash the artist within you! Turn pictures into beautiful paintings with our AI painting features.

AI filters FAQ

What is an AI filter?

An AI filter is our little secret to making photos pop. Using smart tech, it goes beyond typical editing, diving deep into image details to give you those eye-catching transformations to add to your photos!

Why should people use Photoleap’s AI filters?

Many users turn to Photoleap when searching for one of the best filter apps for selfies that's available for free. Our AI filters elevate each image and ensures every snapshot becomes a masterpiece!

What are the different types of AI filters and effects on Photoleap?

Photoleap goes beyond the usual. We offer a rich array of camera effects ranging from transforming your interiors with AI Rooms to diving deep into animated adventures with our Cartoon filters. Whether you're looking to step into iconic cities, turn yourself into a comic hero, or mix faces with celebrities, our selection has you covered. Dive in and discover your favorites!

How does the AI manga filter work on Photoleap?

Ready to step into the world of anime? Our AI manga filter uses smart algorithms that understand the nuances of manga and anime styles. Choose from our preset looks, or get creative and type in your own custom prompts. Whichever route you take, the filter processes your selfie and whisks you away into a manga-like universe!

Can you reverse AI selfie filters?

At Photoleap, we've designed our AI filters with a one-way transformation process. This means once your selfie is transformed using our filters, it cannot be reverted to its original state. We've noticed concerns about reverse AI art filters, especially on platforms like TikTok. But rest assured, with Photoleap, the artistic transformation you choose remains as it is. Always remember to share photos responsibly.