image upscaler

Upscale your photos with the AI image upscaler

With just a tap, increase the resolution of your images, add pixels, and sharpen details for stunning results. Want to go even bigger? Create amazing visuals with our text-to-image generator and save them in jaw-dropping 4K upscale.

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Upscale image quality with Photoleap

Upscale pictures like a pro

Say goodbye to blurry, low-quality photos! Photoleap’s photo upscaler’s cutting-edge technology intelligently analyzes your images, increasing pixels of images, fixing lighting, and smoothing out blur, all while preserving the essence of your original picture.

Enhance photo resolution without changing the size

Enhance your image and boost the resolution of your images without changing their size, giving you the flexibility to use them across various platforms and mediums. Enjoy crisp, high-quality photos while maintaining the exact dimensions you need.

Upscale photo resolution with Photoleap
Generate images in 4k upscale

Elevate your text-to-image creations with the 4k image upscaler

With the text-to-image generator, you can create unique visuals by simply describing what you want to see. Include your own face, select a preset style, or craft a custom prompt - the AI will bring your ideas to life.

Once you've generated your perfect image, take it to the next level by using our built-in tool to upscale the image to 4K. In just a seconds you'll have a high-resolution visual ready to share with the world.

Print your photos on tangible items with AI upscaling

Turn your photos into beautiful tangible items with Photoleap's Zazzle store. Enhance the resolution and clarity of your images before printing them on a wide range of products, from mugs and shirts to posters and business cards. With AI upscaling, your photos will look crystal-clear and make a lasting impression on any printed item.

Increase pixel size of images and print them out
Upscale images with AI for social media

Upscale your social media posts

Whether you're sharing nostalgic throwback photos or snaps from a low-quality camera, our powerful tool will increase the resolution and clarity of your images, making them stand out in any feed. With just a tap, you can transform your posts into stunning, sharp visuals that demand attention and engagement.

Revitalize your artistic creations with the AI art upscaler

Breathe new life into your cherished artwork with the AI art upscaler. Our advanced tool intelligently restores old paintings, corrects colors in digital art, and enhances the overall quality of your pieces. With precise adjustments and analysis, the art upscaler ensures your masterpieces look their best for generations to come.

Breathe new life into your cherished artwork with the AI art upscaler. Our advanced tool intelligently restores old paintings, corrects colors in digital art, and enhances the overall quality of your pieces. With precise adjustments and analysis, the art upscaler ensures your masterpieces look their best for generations to come.

How to upscale an image:

How to use AI replace in Photoleap
  • 1

    Open the Photoleap app

    Download Photoleap on your mobile device and open the app.

  • 2

    Access the AI Enhance tool

    Navigate to the Instant Edits section and tap on the Enhance tool.

  • 3

    Choose your image

    Select the image you want to upscale or enhance from your gallery, or create a unique image using the Text-to-Image generator.

  • 4

    Compare and adjust

    View the before and after comparison of your image quality and make any necessary adjustments.

  • 5

    Upscale to 4k (optional)

    If you generated an image with Text-to-Image, tap the 4K button to upscale your image to ultra-high resolution for even more impressive results.

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Upscale photos with Photoleap

AI Image Upscaler

Easily upscale pictures and create stunning 4K visuals from text with Photoleap's AI-powered tools.

Change image styles with AI photo style transfer

AI Image Style Transfer

Change and stylize image styles into art by applying the look of one photo to another.

hair try on tool

AI Hairstyle Simulator

Easily change hair colors and try on new hairstyles with Photoleap's virtual hair editor.

Get tattoo inspiration with Photoleap’s AI tattoo generator

AI Tattoo Generator

Ready to rock a virtual tattoo? Create custom tattoo designs – no ink, no commitment and pain-free!

Create and inspire with the AI rooms planner

AI Interior Design

Reimagine your space with our AI interior design tools — from room makeovers to furniture swaps!

AI replace objects with Photoleap’s AI Transform tool

AI Replace

Transform images with AI! Add, replace or change objects in your photos, enhancing them with new elements or designs.

Expand the backgrounds of your photos with AI Uncrop

AI Image Extender

Stretch, expand image backgrounds, and reimagine photos beyond their original frame with AI Uncrop.

Use the photo colorizer to colorize black and white photos

AI Colorize Photo

Bring a splash of color to your images! Colorize photos from black and white, breathing life into every frame.

Sharpen and enhance photos with our AI image enhancer

AI Photo Enhancer

Sharpen and enhance photo resolution of blurry or old family photos into high definition.

Generate new photo backgrounds with AI

AI Background Generator

Ready for a backdrop upgrade? Switch up your scenery with the magic of AI Backgrounds.

Add AI photo filters to your photos to stand out

AI Photo Filters

Start with your photo and reimagine yourselves and your world with the power of AI photo filters & effects.

Use Photoleap’s AI photo to painting tools to create works of art

AI Photo to Painting

Unleash the artist within you! Turn pictures into beautiful paintings with our AI painting features.

Image upscaler FAQ

Does the image upscaler support JPEG and PNG formats?

Yes, our online image upscaler supports both JPEG and PNG formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of image files.

Does enlarging images affect the quality?

With Photoleap's advanced image resolution upscaler, enlarging images doesn't compromise quality. Our AI-powered tool intelligently fills in details and maintains clarity during the upscaling process.

What type of images should be used to be upscaled?

You can upscale a wide variety of images, including photos, digital art, and graphics. Our tool works well with low-resolution images, allowing you to upscale your images to 1080p or even 4K for improved clarity and detail.

Is Photoleap’s image upscaler online?

No, Photoleap's image upscaler is exclusively available within our mobile app, offering a seamless and integrated experience for enhancing your images on your device.

Can I use the 4k image upscaler for free?

Download Photoleap and start your free 7-day trial to access upscaling your generated Text-to-Image into 4k and all other features without limitations.