AI Transform

AI replace objects in images with Photoleap

Discover the endless possibilities of transforming your photos with the AI Transform tool. Instantly add, replace or change elements in your images and bring a creative twist to every picture!

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Transform any part of your photo with the AI image replacer

Ready to bring a touch of magic to your photos? With AI Transform, you have the power to AI replace any part of your image into something entirely new.

Pick the 'Custom' option to brush over an area in your photo and describe what you want it to become. Alternatively, select from our 'Props' collection for quick, fun changes.

Watch in amazement as the AI instantly creates a new, AI-generated object in place of the old. Let your imagination run wild with endless possibilities!

Replace any object in your photo with an AI generated object
Change color of objects in photos

Unleash creativity and enhance your social media presence

Always keep your social media feed fresh and interesting. AI replace your image to experiment with new hairstyles, different colors, trendy outfits, and more in your posts.

Transform an ordinary selfie into a fashion statement or a whimsical work of art. With a variety of AI-generated transformations to choose from, discover the ideal look that truly reflects your personal style and creativity.

Elevate your business materials

Make your marketing materials stand out by AI replacing elements in your images. Retouch product photos, replace unwanted objects and distractions, or change model appearances to save on designer costs.

Create multiple custom designs and versions of your marketing assets effortlessly, enhancing your strategy with eye-catching product imagery.

Create custom designs for your business with AI Transform
AI replace images quickly and easily

AI replace images quickly and easily

Say goodbye to complicated photo editing. With Photoleap's AI replacer tool, adding or changing objects in your images is easy and fast. From adjusting a scene or updating a subject, just brush over what you want to transform.

Our AI takes over to seamlessly blend your changes, ensuring natural-looking results every time. It's perfect for quick, creative edits, and you don’t need any special skills to make your photos stand out.

How to replace object in photos with AI

How to use AI replace in Photoleap
  • 1

    Open Photoleap

    Launch the Photoleap app to start transforming your images with AI.

  • 2

    Choose AI Transform

    Select the AI Transform and choose between the 'Custom' prompt for specific transformations or 'Props' for ready-to-use edits.

  • 3

    Apply custom prompt

    For the 'Custom' option, brush over the area you want to change and type in your desired transformation in the prompt box.

  • 4

    Select a Prop

    Alternatively, use the 'Props' option to quickly apply pre-designed edits to your image.

  • 5

    Let AI work its magic

    After making your selection, watch as Photoleap's AI seamlessly integrates your changes or props into the image.

  • 6

    Save and share

    Once you're satisfied with the AI's work, save your edited image and share your creative masterpiece with the world.

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AI Transform FAQ

What is AI object replacement?

AI object replacement is an advanced technique where you can select any object in your image and replace it with AI assistance. Photoleap uses AI to seamlessly integrate new elements, making the changes appear natural and part of the original photo.

How to add elements to pictures using Photoleap?

With Photoleap’s AI replacer, simply select the area where you want to add an element, describe what you’d like to see, and our AI will generate and add it to your photo.

Can I personalize my design after using AI Transform?

Yes, after using AI Transform, you can further personalize your image with Photoleap’s range of editing tools, giving you full control over the final look.

Can I use the AI Transform tool on mobile?

Yes, the AI Transform tool is available on Photoleap's mobile app for iOS and Android. This gives you the flexibility to creatively edit your images on the go.