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Create custom AI avatars from your photos like never before! Explore the magic of Photoleap’s AI Avatar generator.

Create AI Avatars

Venture into new worlds with your AI Avatar

Photoleap's AI avatar maker is here to redefine the way you see your photos and transport you into new dimensions! Turn your selfies into captivating, realistic works of art!

Generate an AI Avatar straight from your photos. Simply choose up to 10 photos, pop them into Photoleap, and let our AI character maker work its magic. See yourself in a new, enchanting light!

Generate avatars from photos with Photoleap’s AI Avatar maker
AI character maker

Create endless styles of avatars from your photos

From pirates to anime to superhero vibes, the possibilities are boundless. With each bundle, discover a variety of styles, each offering a unique twist!

Ready to create your AI avatar and embark on a magical photo journey?

Generate avatars and make AI art

Your selfie, your digital playground! Journey into a world of creativity with your AI generated avatar.

Seeking to elevate your digital presence? Refresh social media profiles, stay ahead of the latest trends, or design unique avatars showcasing artistic aesthetics. Step into the gaming realm with custom personas or boost brand engagement with captivating visuals. Creativity has no bounds!

Create an AI avatar

How to make an AI Avatar?

  • 1

    Start your avatar journey

    Click on "Create AI Avatars".

  • 2

    Capture your best self

    Upload 10-20 clear, well-lit photos. Variety is key – try different angles, expressions, and environments.

  • 3

    Choose your avatar styles

    Pick your preferred bundle size indicating the number of styles you want.

  • 4

    Unlock Photoleap’s special offer

    For 50% off each bundle, start a free trial with Photoleap and get full access to the app.

  • 5

    Await the AI magic

    Sit back and relax! Our AI will craft your avatars and send you an email when they're ready to use.

Create AI Avatars

AI Avatars FAQ

What is an AI Avatar?

Dive into the future! An AI Avatar is your digital twin brought to life by advanced technology. Using your photos, we create a stunning, personal avatar, placing you in the spotlight of your own digital world.

How can I create my own AI Avatar?

Creating your own AI Avatar is easy with our avatar creator online. Open up Photoleap, either on your app or online. Click on AI Avatars, and let the magic unfold. Just upload your best snaps, choose your bundle size, and hold tight! Before you know it, an email will land in your inbox with your AI avatars ready to explore.

How to generate the best AI Avatar on Photoleap?

You'll need 10-20 of your best photos to make the perfect AI avatar from a photo. The secret to generating the best AI Avatar? Well-lit, clear snaps in a variety of angles and expressions - your avatar will be as diverse and dynamic as you are.

Where can I find my AI generated avatars after they’ve been created?

Finding your new AI creations is easy! Once you’re on the Photoleap site, click on "Already got AI Avatars? Log in". They'll be waiting for you. 

Also, don't forget to keep an eye on your inbox. We'll drop you an email as soon as your avatars are set and ready for you.

Is Photoleap’s AI Avatar Generator free to use?

We're committed to offering a stellar AI experience, which does come at a small cost. But don't worry, we've got bundles to suit every budget, offering a range of variations and styles to make sure your avatar is uniquely you.

Can I preview the avatar before I make a payment?

We understand the excitement of a sneak peek, but creating each AI Avatar takes a lot of tech magic behind the scenes. That's why we need to process payment before the avatars are generated. Trust us, the outcome will be worth the wait!

What do I do if I don't like the results by the AI avatar generator?

Every avatar is as unique as the person it represents, and sometimes they might surprise you. If your avatar isn't quite what you expected, it could be down to the photos you uploaded. Clear, high-resolution snaps in a range of angles and lighting conditions work best.