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Create AI yearbook photos

Jump into Photoleap's yearbook maker—your time machine for transporting today's selfies back to 90s cool. Stroll the halls of memory lane!

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Create 90s Yearbook Pictures

Transform your selfies into retro 90s yearbook photos

Cue the nostalgia - let's rewind to the 90s! Ready to own the throwback trend? Just upload a selfie, select a AI yearbook style, and get your own trendy 90s themed yearbook image in a flash.

Get set for a blast from the past that’s sure to be a hit on your socials!

Choose your own AI yearbook persona

Unleash your high school alter-ego! Photoleap’s lineup of yearbook filters lets you slide from class nerd to cheerleader queen, mysterious biker, or even a grunge rocker in no time with AI.

Pick your 90s high school stereotype and transform into the retro icon you've always wanted to be.

Explore Different AI Yearbook Styles

How to make AI yearbook photos:

How to make AI Yearbook Photo
  • 1

    Open Photoleap & head to AI Selfies

    Kick things off by opening the Photoleap app. Navigate to the 'AI Selfies' feature to begin your journey back in time.

  • 2

    Upload your picture

    Select 'Start' to add your chosen selfie into the mix.

  • 3

    Choose your Yearbook AI Filter

    Browse through the various yearbook AI filters available, from grunge to preppy!

  • 4

    Save & share

    Once you're happy with your creation, hit 'Save'. Now you're ready to share it with the world. Welcome to the 90s, Photoleap style!

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AI Yearbook FAQs

How to make a good yearbook photo with Photoleap?

For a standout yearbook photo, start with a high-quality selfie with good lighting. Once you upload your picture, explore the different AI filters to match your desired 90s style. And remember, the best yearbook photos capture your personality, so have fun with it!

Is Photoleap’s yearbook maker free to use?

Absolutely! Photoleap's yearbook maker is completely free to use. You can upload your selfies and apply our classic 90s yearbook filters without any cost.