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Add stunning photo effects & filters to your images

Add entirely new dimensions to any photos. Explore our
unique picture filters and photo effects to enhance the look and style of your images, letting your visual content stand out!

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Camera filter app for your photos

Photo filters:
add colors and moods to your moments

Immerse your photos in all different artistic expressions with our picture filters. Whether you’re looking to add a splash of color, a vintage touch, or a modern twist, our filters cater to every mood and moment. Transform your images into visual stories that speak volumes.

Apply cool photo effects & quick transformations!

Dive into Photoleap's array of cool photo effects! From glitch effects to lens flare effects, add artistic flair and cinematic drama to every image.

Plus, explore QuickArts to take your creativity further. Play with dispersion and double exposure effects or even Santa’s skies or pop art, to turn your photos into captivating stories with just a tap!

Add cool photo effects to your photos
Add anime photo filters and more to your photos

AI Photo Filters: A universe of possibilities

From AI Selfies to Scenes and AI Rooms, our AI Filters options like anime, gaming, comics, cartoon filters, and much more, allow you to reinvent your images.

Transform your selfies into superheroes or mermaids, turn your landscapes into iconic city scenes, and give your rooms a complete makeover with just a tap. Explore a fun and creative world where your photos become the canvas for any story you wish to tell.

Turn your photos into black and white

Give your photos a timeless elegance with our black and white filters. Transforming your images into black and white adds a layer of sophistication and nostalgia, capturing the essence of classic photography.

Add black and white photo filters to photos
Add AI background filters to photos

AI Background Filters:
A world to explore 

Journey into a world of endless possibilities with our AI Background filters. Choose from an array of backdrops in just a tap - famous landmarks, exotic travel scenes, or amusing backgrounds. Set the perfect scene for every photo and let your imagination roam free.

Image to Sketch: artistic transformation

Get the perfect sketch without a pencil! Turn your photos into playful pencil drawings with a fun twist using Photoleap’s Sketchify. Perfect for those who want to add an artistic flair to their images, creating stunning sketch-like visuals from any photo.

Apply image to sketch effect to photos

Make your content
stand out with
blur photo effects

Elevate your photos with the art of blur. Whether you’re looking to apply a blurry photo effect to create a sense of movement, or to blur photo backgrounds for a professional depth-of-field look, Photoleap has got you covered. Creatively highlight what's important in your photo, making your subject stand out!

Add blur photo filters to images

How to add filters or effects to photos

How to add filters or effects to photos
  • 1

    Select your photo

    Choose the photo you want to edit from your gallery or take a new one.

  • 2

    Navigate to Filters or Effects

    Access ‘Filters’, ‘AI Filters’, ‘Effects’ or ‘Pro Effects’ for creative transformations.

  • 3

    Personalize your photo

    Adjust the chosen filters or backgrounds to suit your photo’s mood and style. Play with colors, intensity, and effects to achieve the perfect look.

  • 4

    Save and share

    Once you’re satisfied, save your edited photo and share with friends, family, or on social media!

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Try out young age and old age filters on your photos

AI Age Filters

Travel through time with Photoleap’s young and old age filters. See your past and future self in seconds!

Add text to images with Photoleap

Add Text to Photo

Find and personalize the perfect font to tell your story clearly with the photo text editor.

Create a photo collage easily with Photoleap’s photo collage maker

Photo Collage

Turn your memories into stunning collages: create photo collages with easy-to-use photo grids and frames.

Use our image cropper tool to resize photos

Crop Image

Highlight the best parts of your images. Crop photos to any size and shape to fit your vision.

Merge photos together with our image combiner

Combine Photos

Easily merge photos together to create cool effects and showcase them in a new light!

Animate your photos with Photoleap’s animation tools

Animate Photos

Bring your photo to life with photo animation! Turn static shots into dynamic visuals that stand out!

Photo filters & effects FAQs

Are Photoleap’s photo filters & effects free to use?

Yes, many of Photoleap app’s photo filters and effects are free. However, some effects and filters are exclusive to our Pro subscription, which you can explore with a free 7-day trial. Unleash your full creative potential with these premium tools!

Can I use Photoleap’s photo filters & effects online?

Photoleap’s photo filters are designed to be used within our app. While online camera filters are not available, the app offers a comprehensive suite of filters and editing tools, making it perfect for on-the-go photo enhancements.

What are aesthetic photo filters?

Aesthetic filters for photos are all about adding a special touch to your photos. With Photoleap, you have a whole palette of aesthetic choices at your fingertips. From cool vintage vibes to bright and modern tones, our filters are designed to bring out the unique style and mood you love in your photos.

What are the best photo filters for selfies?

The best photo filters for selfies are all about elevating the mood of your image. With Photoleap, you'll find a variety of filters that can capture different vibes, from playful and quirky to serene and artistic. They’re designed to add a unique flair to your selfies, complementing the moment’s mood.