Easily combine & merge photos 

Combine your photos into stunning compositions in seconds with Photoleap app. Easily merge images together or blend moments to create something new

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Blend photos together to make works of art

Photoleap lets you mix and match with ease. With our blending tool, seamlessly blend images, layers, and even put two photos in one frame. With our Pro plan you can even stack up to 12 incredible layers!

Whether it's fusing sunsets with silhouettes or overlaying your beach day memories with the waves of the sea, every blend tells a new story beyond a single frame! 

Blend photos together with Photoleap app
Create photo collages with Photoleap

Combine images to create photo collages

Got a bunch of photos you love? Why not put them together into artful photo collages? Photoleap isn't just an image editor – it's a collage maker too! Whether you're trying to merge images vertically or combine them horizontally, our tools got you covered. 

Create photo collages easily, picking from diverse grid styles, adjusting their look, and playing with colors until it’s just right. 

Combine pictures to create a double exposure effect

With Photoleap's app’s Quickarts, combine pictures to make a cool double exposure effect with your images. 

With our photo combiner, it’s as simple as selecting a primary object and overlaying it with one of our scenic presets. See your portrait blend with a cool background. It's a fun way to merge two photos and showcase them in a new light!

Create double exposure effects 

How to merge photos with Photoleap?

  • 1

    Upload your image

    Add your desired photos directly from your camera roll.

  • 2

    Layer & position

    Use Photoleap’s tools to crop, remove backgrounds, and layer the images above each other.

  • 3

    Blend & adjust

    Fine-tune your images with transparency settings and various blending modes to achieve the perfect look.

  • 4

    Save & showcase

    Download your masterpiece to your device or share it directly on social media. Enjoy!

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Try out young age and old age filters on your photos

AI Age Filters

Travel through time with Photoleap’s young and old age filters. See your past and future self in seconds!

Add text to images with Photoleap

Add Text to Photo

Find and personalize the perfect font to tell your story clearly with the photo text editor.

Create a photo collage easily with Photoleap’s photo collage maker

Photo Collage

Turn your memories into stunning collages: create photo collages with easy-to-use photo grids and frames.

Use our image cropper tool to resize photos

Crop Image

Highlight the best parts of your images. Crop photos to any size and shape to fit your vision.

Add cool photo effects and filters to your images

Photo Filters & Effects

Make your content pop! Enhance the look and style of your images with unique photo effects and filters.

Animate your photos with Photoleap’s animation tools

Animate Photos

Bring your photo to life with photo animation! Turn static shots into dynamic visuals that stand out!

Merge photos FAQ

Can I merge photos together for free on the Photoleap app?

Yes! Photoleap offers a free app to merge photos. While we do have premium features, the basic image combiner is available for free. If you opt for our Pro subscription, you'll have even more layers and advanced features to play with, enhancing your blending experience.

How do I combine multiple photos into one?

It's straightforward with Photoleap. Our app to combine photos into one provides easy-to-use tools that let you layer and combine images into one cohesive piece. Just upload your desired photos, use the blending tool, adjust to your liking, and save!

How to combine photos on an iPhone?

Photoleap app is available to combine photos on iPhone. Simply download it from the App Store, and the intuitive interface will guide you through the process of blending photos on your device.

Can I use Photoleap’s to merge images online?

Absolutely! Besides our mobile application, Photoleap also offers an option to combine images online. So whether you're on a desktop or mobile, you can easily merge photos or even combine photos online using our platform.

Are the texts adjustable or customizable?

Absolutely! Photoleap makes it fun and effortless to adjust and customize the text on your photos. You have the freedom to make subtle changes like spacing or font styles, or go for more noticeable adjustments such as adding shadows or overlays to your text.

Can I add text to my image online with Photoleap?

Currently, inserting text on pictures is not possible online with Photoleap. This feature is exclusively available on our iOS app.

Will the quality of my images change when I blend photos together?

No, Photoleap is designed to maintain the quality of your images. When you edit two photos together, our advanced algorithms ensure that the resolution and clarity are retained, giving you a seamless blend without compromising quality.