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Effortlessly transform your memories into stunning photo collages using Photoleap app’s easy-to-use photo grids and frames.

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Photo collage app for stunning collages
Create a custom photo collage for any moment

Create photo collages for every occasion

Our collage maker is perfect for social media whether you want to showcase a memorable vacation, a family gathering, or just a collection of your favorite snaps.

Set the right mood with themed collage backgrounds for Christmas, fall, or Halloween! Celebrate each season and festivity with a collage that captures your memories!

Frame your memories with collage picture frames

Enhance your collages with a selection of standout frames. Play with collage patterns, textures, colors, and widths. The corners of frames can be adjusted to suit your style, adding a unique touch to each creation.

Create photo collages with different patterns
Use the photo grid maker for your collage

Choose from versatile photo collage layouts

Get creative! Pick from a versatile collection of cool and attractive photo grids for your collage, ranging from 2-6 pictures, including the option for a 4 photo collage.

Experiment with different grid ratios to adjust the sizes, perfectly tailoring each collage to the story you want to tell.

From symmetric designs to dynamic shapes, our layouts ensure that every memory is displayed in its most captivating form.

Create photo collages with endless customization tools

Explore endless possibilities with Photoleap’s editing tools! Further customize your photo collage with text, change background colors, add text, filters and more to personalize your collages. Express your creativity in every design.

Create aesthetic background collages with Photoleap’s tools

How to make a collage:

How To Make Collage
  • 1

    Start your collage journey

    Open the Photoleap app and navigate to the 'Collage' feature. Upload 2-6 photos that you want to include in your collage.

  • 2

    Choose your grid and frames

    Pick the photo grid layout that best suits your collage and add different color or patterned frames, adjusting their width and corners for the perfect look.

  • 3

    Customize your collage ratio

    Adjust the ratio of your collage if you want to change the size or shape of the overall layout.

  • 4

    Personalize with Photoleap’s tools

    Further edit and customize your collage using Photoleap's suite of creative tools.

  • 5

    Share your creation

    Once your collage is complete, share it with family, friends, or on social media!

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Add text to images with Photoleap

Add Text to Photo

Find and personalize the perfect font to tell your story clearly with the photo text editor.

Merge photos together with our image combiner

Combine Photos

Easily merge photos together to create cool effects and showcase them in a new light!

Use our image cropper tool to resize photos

Crop Image

Highlight the best parts of your images. Crop photos to any size and shape to fit your vision.

Animate your photos with Photoleap’s animation tools

Animate Photos

Bring your photo to life with photo animation! Turn static shots into dynamic visuals that stand out!

Add cool photo effects and filters to your images

Photo Filters & Effects

Make your content pop! Enhance the look and style of your images with unique photo effects and filters.

Collage Maker FAQs

What is a collage?

A collage is an artistic composition made by combining multiple photos into a single image. It allows for creative expression by mixing different images, textures, and layouts. With Photoleap's photo collage feature, you can merge memories and moments into a cohesive and visually appealing masterpiece.

How to make a collage on an iPhone or Android device?

To create a photo collage on an iPhone, you can use the Photoleap app. Unfortunately, the collage feature is exclusive to iOS devices and is not available on Android. After opening the Photoleap app on your iPhone, select the 'Collage' feature and upload the photos you want to include. You can then choose from various layouts, add frames, and customize your collage to your liking.

How to make side-by-side photos with Photoleap?

To create side-by-side photos with Photoleap, select the 'Collage' feature in the app and upload the images you want to use. Choose a collage layout that places your photos side by side.

How is Photoleap the best photo collage app?

Photoleap stands out as the best collage maker app due to its user-friendly interface, versatility, and wide range of customization options. Whether you're using an iPhone or Android, Photoleap offers a seamless experience in creating stunning photo collages, complete with various layouts, frames, and editing tools to cater to every creative need.

Can I edit the images in my photo collage?

Yes, you can! You have the flexibility to adjust each photo in your collage individually – be it cropping, applying filters, or tweaking brightness and contrast. This means you can fine-tune each image to ensure your collage looks just the way you want it to.

Can I use the photo collage tool on Photoleap app for free?

The photo collage tool in the Photoleap app is available for free. You can start creating stunning collages right away without any cost. This free version offers a range of features to craft your collage. For access to even more advanced features and creative options, you can explore our Pro version with a 7-day free trial.