Print AI art & personalized gifts with Photoleap & Zazzle

Turn your Photoleap creations into real-life masterpieces with Zazzle, offering everything from custom art gifts to personalized home decor.

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From Photoleap’s creativity to Zazzle’s print magic! You created something you love on Photoleap, and now, in partnership with Zazzle, discover the magic of turning your photo creations into real-life masterpieces from custom gifts to personalized home decor. 

Create with Photoleap’s easy AI editing

Experience end-to-end creativity to by editing photos with Photoleap’s AI tools. Transform selfies, scenes, and rooms into art with magical presets using AI Filters. Choose, replace, or invent new backgrounds with AI Backgrounds. Add artistic frames and borders, or combine your favorite memories into beautiful collages. Easily erase unwanted elements to get the perfect shot or add text to photos. Sharpen old or blurry pictures into high definition, and merge photos into stunning compositions, and more! Photoleap makes creating custom art gifts and ai art prints an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

How to Use Photoleap’s AI Tools to Create AI Art Prints

Personal home and wall decor

Transform your home into a gallery of your own creation. Design with Photoleap to create unique, personalized wall, kitchen and home decor. Instead of buying art online or in-store, make it yourself! Make the art in your home ‘you’, be it travel photos, emotional moments through life, or significant milestones. Bring your favorite photo moments into your living space from personalized photo throw pillows to learning how to create your own wall art.

Create Personalized Home Decor

Personalized gifts for couples and loved ones

Create and print heartfelt custom art gifts for your loved ones. Perfect for all seasons, life milestones, or just to make someone feel special, whether its a personalized anniversary gift for couples to a unique gifts for your fiancé.

Personalized gifts for graduation, birthdays, bachelorette parties and more

Make every event unforgettable by turning them into lasting memories with custom prints. Create unique and personalized gifts for graduation, birthday gifts for him or for her to personalized gifts for a bachelorette party. From party invites, personalized birthday tee shirts bachelorette shirts, and party favors, sweet 16 gifts, to thank you cards, print your perfect celebration. 

Create Personalized Gifts for  Graduation, Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties

Explore a world of printing options on Zazzle

From Christmas invites and gifts to everyday items like Zazzle custom t-shirts, coffee mugs, totes, iPhone cases to unique decor items like wrapped canvases and posters – the options are limitless. Explore and select from an array of products to print your personalized gifts and creations on, all available through Zazzle printing. 

4 Easy steps to bring your creations to life 

You created something you love on Photoleap, now it's time to materialize your creations! Here’s how easy it is:

  • Edit photos with our easy editing & design tools.
  • Save your creation in Photoleap and hit ‘Print it’ in the export screen. You’ll be redirected to Photoleap's store on Zazzle.
  • See your photo across a variety of products. Select & add your personal touches.
  • Quickly register on Zazzle to complete your purchase. Have your personalized items printed and shipped directly to your home!

Photoleap and Zazzle's partnership offers a seamless journey from creation to printing, perfect to print ai art projects and personalized art gifts. Please note, while Photoleap is the platform for unleashing your creativity to design and create, Zazzle takes care of the printing and delivery, subject to their terms and conditions. Don’t forget to share your creations with us! We love seeing your imaginative designs come to life.

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