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How to add someone to a photo

How to seamlessly add someone to a photo

Seamlessly add a person to any shot, blending them perfectly into the scene. Start creating unforgettable images now.

How to put your face on a superhero body

How to put your face on a superhero body using Photoleap

Ever dreamed of being a superhero? Photoleap makes it a reality! Transform yourself with just a few taps.

The ultimate guide for actor headshots

The ultimate guide for actor headshots: Making your mark in the acting world

Step into the spotlight with Photoleap: turn every shot into a stepping stone to your next big role with just a tap.

Create funny pet portraits with Photoleap

Unleashing laughter: Crafting funny pet portraits with Photoleap

Unleash the quirky side of your pets with Photoleap's AI. Transform ordinary pet photos into whimsical art, ready to share or print!

AI Camera - Photoleap

What is an AI Camera, and how does it work?

Explore Photoleap's advanced AI camera tools to enhance your editing process, saving time and unlocking endless creative possibilities.


How to use AI coloring to restore old family photos

Dive into the past with a burst of color! See your black & white memories come alive with Photoleap.

How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Stories

How to make a collage on Instagram story

Transform your Instagram stories with Photoleap! From simple taps to stunning collages.

Erase People from Your Photos with Photoleap’s AI

How to remove people from photos with Photoleap’s AI

Transform any photo with ease: Make unwanted guests disappear with Photoleap’s AI.

How to Uncrop a Photo with Photoleap

How to uncrop a photo with Photoleap’s AI

Expand your photos' horizons with AI Uncrop. Unleash creativity & go beyond frames!

Create AI Professional Headshots with Photoleap

Create stunning AI professional headshots

Discover how to create beautiful AI professional headshots. Use our AI headshot generator to make unique business photos!

Print AI Art & Personalized Gifts with Photoleap & Zazzle

Print AI art & personalized gifts with Photoleap & Zazzle

Turn your Photoleap creations into real-life masterpieces with Zazzle, offering everything from custom art gifts to personalized home decor.