Explore our photo editing tutorials to master Photoleap. Perfect for enhancing your creative skills!

How to turn a photo into a sticker

How to turn a picture into a sticker: Photoleap's AI Stickers guide

Learn how to convert photos into custom, hyper-realistic stickers for chats and social media with Photoleap.

Professional Headshots For Real Estate

Create professional headshots for real estate that sell: The ultimate guide

Discover how Photoleap can help you create unique, professional headshots that will make you stand out in the competitive world of real estate.

 Add bubbles to photos

Bringing photos to life: How to add speech, thoughts, and word bubbles to a photo

Discover how to make your photos speak with Photoleap's easy-to-use speech and thought bubble tools!

How to turn a photo into cartoon

How to turn a photo into cartoon using Photoleap

Unlock your creative potential and cartoonify your world with AI-powered photo to cartoon magic!

Personalized funny Father's Day e-card

The ultimate guide to creating a funny Father's Day card with Photoleap

Create the perfect humorous Father’s Day cards with Photoleap's AI-powered tools and editing features.

How to put 2 pictures side by side

How to put two photos side by side with Photoleap's advanced tools

Merge photos effortlessly with Photoleap: Create stunning side-by-side images and unleash your creativity!

How to increase photo resolution

How to increase photo resolution using Photoleap

Discover how Photoleap transforms images into stunning visuals with enhanced clarity and creative tools.

Craft your personalized mother's day card with Photoleap

Celebrating Mom: How to create heartfelt Mother's Day cards with Photoleap

Unlock your creativity this Mother’s Day with Photoleap—where your love for mom transforms into art!

Photoleap-created model headshots displaying various styles

Crafting the perfect model headshot for your portfolio: Tips, tricks, and Photoleap tools

Create captivating model headshots with Photoleap's advanced tools.

how to write an AI image prompt

How to write the ideal AI image prompt

How to make sure you're not just muttering gibberish and actually writing something that works.

How to add someone to a photo

How to seamlessly add someone to a photo

Seamlessly add a person to any shot, blending them perfectly into the scene. Start creating unforgettable images now.

How to put your face on a superhero body

How to put your face on a superhero body using Photoleap

Ever dreamed of being a superhero? Photoleap makes it a reality! Transform yourself with just a few taps.


How to use AI coloring to restore old family photos

Dive into the past with a burst of color! See your black & white memories come alive with Photoleap.

How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Stories

How to make a collage on Instagram story

Transform your Instagram stories with Photoleap! From simple taps to stunning collages.

Erase People from Your Photos with Photoleap’s AI

How to remove people from photos with Photoleap’s AI

Transform any photo with ease: Make unwanted guests disappear with Photoleap’s AI.

How to remove object from photo

How to remove objects with Photoleap

Edit photos easily with Photoleap: Remove objects or people with a swipe.

How to remove and change an image background

How to remove image background

Swap photo backgrounds easily with Photoleap: Perfect foreground, new backdrop in steps.

How to create a photo collage

How to create a collage

Create standout collages with Photoleap: Simple steps for maximum social media impact.

How to get AI generated images

How to use Photoleap’s AI image generator

Bring any idea to life with Photoleap's AI: Turn words into unique images effortlessly.