How to use AI coloring to restore old family photos

Dive into the past with a burst of color! See your black & white memories come alive with Photoleap.

Tally Moran
Table of contents:

The magic of AI coloring

Imagine your grandpa's old photos or that classic family portrait in full, vivid color. That's the magic Photoleap brings to your fingertips! AI photo coloring isn’t just about adding hues; it’s about breathing life into moments frozen in time. It's seeing your history in a new light, with every color adding emotion and depth to your cherished memories. Photoleap makes this enchanting transformation accessible to all, turning black and white snapshots into colorful masterpieces.

Select the right photos for coloring with AI

Step 1: Choosing your photo - preparing for AI photo restoration

The journey to the past begins with the perfect photo. Look for those hidden gems in your attic with clear details and contrasts—pictures that tell a story longing to be revealed in color. The better the photo's condition, the more stunning the colorization effect. It's all about setting the stage for Photoleap to work its magic to color old photos. 

Step 2: Using Photoleap's AI to colorize photos

With Photoleap, your historical exploration is just a tap away. Upload your chosen photo, and let the AI Colorize photo feature unveil the colors that time forgot. We’ll guide you through each step, from finding the feature within Photoleap to watching the transformation unfold. It’s like watching history being painted before your eyes.

Learn how to colorize photos with AI

Enhancing the restoration - fine-tuning the colors

After the initial AI colorization, dive deeper into Photoleap’s toolbox to perfect your photo. Adjust the saturation for a sunnier feel or fine-tune the hues to match what you imagine the original scene looked like. It’s your canvas; play with the colors to make the past as vivid as you remember.

Tips for enhancing the AI's colorization of your photos

Beyond colorization - additional restoration tools

But why stop at color? The Photoleap photo editor offers a suite of tools to switch up backgrounds, enhance the overall photo with the AI enhancer tool, and even remove that photobombing squirrel. Combine AI photo coloring with Photoleap’s editing prowess to not only add color but to fully restore your old photo to its potential glory.

Enhance your image with other AI photo editing tools


Turning your black and white memories into colorful stories and restoring old photos is more than just an edit; it’s a journey back in time. It’s the thrill of seeing your ancestors in color, reliving moments that were once hidden in shades of gray. With Photoleap’s AI coloring, embark on this transformative adventure and reconnect with your past in a way you never thought possible. Your family history, painted in every shade imaginable, awaits.

Tally Moran
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