The best photo editor apps in 2022

Find the best photo editor: Photoleap shines with AI tools & all-in-one editing features.

With so many photo editors available at the click of a button, knowing what app to download can feel next to impossible. You’re not sure what apps are easiest to use, you’re confused about which photo editor is best for iPads, and you have no idea what to look for when it comes to features.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, which is why we’ve done the work for you.

Let’s dig into the top three photo editing apps. 


If you’re looking for a photo editor that can do it all, Photoleap is an excellent place to start. 

Designed with creators in mind, Photoleap gives you the opportunity to make all your wildest photo dreams come to life. 

Here’s an overview of some of the key selling points that make Photoleap so powerful: 

Interface quality and accessibility  

As mentioned, Photoleap was designed with creators in mind. It was created to be intuitive to use so that navigating the app comes with ease. Of course, don’t just take our word for it. 

Check out some of these user reviews: 

“An almost perfect mobile editor. I love the tools it offers and the ease of use.” 

“This is hands down the best photo editing app I’ve used in iOS. It’s powerful like Photoshop on your computer.” 

Whether you’re editing a photo, using the powerful AI image generator, or creating a design from scratch, everything in the Photoleap editor is labeled clearly with intuitive controls that allow you to undo your work, resize, duplicate, change colors, adjust for opacity, and even add multiple layers. 

You’ll even find informative guides directly in the app, as well as examples from other creators, and examples of the AI tools in action to help you get a better feel for what this photo editor is capable of.

App features

Photoleap is an all-in-one photo editing app. In other words, it does it all. No more having to switch between various apps to meet all your style expectations. 

Some of the users’ favorite features from Photoleap include: 

  • Advanced AI photo image generation 
  • Ability to create multiple layers
  • Photo mixing (i.e. superimpose images)
  • Photo blending (i.e. change transparency and perspectives)
  • Fonts, brushes, filters, tonal adjustments, effects, stickers, backdrops (consistently updated!) 
  • Collage capabilities
  • Draw on your image 
  • Sky photo editor to change the season 
  • Quick blemish/object remover
  • Resize/crop 
  • RAW support 

Basically if you can dream it, you can achieve it with Photoleap. 

Photo sharing and publishing 

Photoleap was originally released for iPhone, but also has an Android version that lets users test out the newly released AI features.

Having said that, because Photoleap is specifically designed for the iPhone, you’ll find that editing, sharing, and publishing are all optimized for the iPhone experience. Additionally, Photoleap is the best photo editor for iPad. 

To share, simply edit, click “Export”, and you’ll easily be able to download your photo, share to Instagram, message to a friend, or email the final version to yourself. It’s that easy. 

And hey, if you’re still working on your project and you’re not ready to share yet, don’t fret, everything on Photoleap always auto-saves so you never have to worry about losing all your hard work. 


Everyone should be able to have show-stopping imagery, and that’s exactly why Photoleap has such accessible pricing. 

Start your free seven-day trial with no obligation. If you love all the features, you can either pay a monthly membership fee of $11.99/month, or a yearly membership fee that works out to be $5.99/month (that’s 50 percent off!). If you really love all that Photoleap has to offer, you can even choose to pay a one-time membership fee of $279.99. 

Bottom line: For anyone who wants to use a pro photo editor, you can’t go wrong with Photoleap, but let’s take a look at top competitors so we can get a better idea of how Photoleap stacks up. 

Photoleap vs. Instasize: Which is better?

Instasize is a photo editor for Instagram, but it can be used for any social media platform. It allows you to edit your photos with premium filters and editing tools. You can resize, crop, and change the colors in your photo with contrast, exposure, and saturation. 

Essentially, it is your standard editing software that allows you to get creative with your images. 

Interface quality and accessibility  

Most users feel that the interface for Instasize is fairly intuitive, especially for those who are already familiar with editing software. 

In terms of accessibility, the biggest advantage of Instasize is the android capability, meaning if you’re using an Android device, Instasize could be an option for you.. Simply download the app from the Google Play store. 

App features

As mentioned, Instasize has some fairly common editing features. These features include: 

  • Filters and presets
  • Video editing 
  • Collage maker 
  • Resize and crop 
  • Photo borders
  • Add text to photo 

Instasize makes it easy to give your images a makeover. 

Photo sharing and publishing 

While the name of the app might make you think you can only share your images on Instagram, Instasize can be used for any social media platform. In fact, you can specifically crop your images so they fit the standard image sizes for each social platform, making publishing a breeze. 


Instasize offers a three-day free trial. After the free trial, they offer a few membership plans that begin at $4.99/month.  

So, which is better?

Photoleap is definitely the app that best allows you to take your images to the next level, even though Instasize also features your standard editing tools. 

Photoleap vs. Picsart: Which is better?

Similarly to Instasize, Picsart is a mobile editor that gives you the opportunity to add a new dimension of creativity to your images. Whether you’re sharing on Instagram, uploading to your own blog, or snapping your friends, Picsart makes image sharing fun. 

Interface quality and accessibility  

Generally, users don’t have any issues when using Picsart. However, we have seen some users have issues with ads, the app crashing, and some problems with glitchy software. While this doesn’t seem to be the majority of the time, it does seem to happen, which could impact your user experience. 

Similarly to Instasize, Picsart is available on Android, making it a worthy alternative if you don’t have an iPhone and aren’t able to benefit from the advanced features of Photoleap. 

App features

If you’re looking to take your images from standard to creative, Picsart provides all the standard editing features that you’ve come to expect. Some of the popular features include: 

  • Filters
  • Background eraser 
  • Free stock images
  • Blur background 
  • Free stickers 
  • Video editor
  • Collage maker 
  • Photo effects 
  • Drawing tool 

You won’t have any difficulty bringing new life to your images with help from Picsart. 

Photo sharing and publishing 

As with most photo editors, Picsart is optimized for photo sharing and publishing. The app wants you to easily be able to share your creations with your friends and family so more people become aware of the editing software that helped you create such inspiring images. 


If you are interested in trying Picsart, you have the opportunity to test out the app with a seven day free trial. After the seven days, you can upgrade to the Picsart Gold Membership, which is a yearly subscription that works out to be $6.41/month. There is no option for a monthly membership. 

So which is better? 

If you’re looking for advanced editing capabilities and AI powered features, Photoleap is definitely the app for you. Don’t get us wrong, Picsart is also a great option if you’re looking to give your images an artistic edge with your basic photo editing tool and features. 

What is the best photo editor app in 2022?

At the end of the day, when you go to download a photo editor, there’s no denying that there are some powerful options out there, but no photo editor has the advanced capabilities of Photoleap.

Pick and choose what works for you, and in no time you’ll be sharing plenty of like-worthy photos.

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