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So, you’ve got an image in mind that you want to throw up on your social media feed. The only problem is, your vision for the photo is a little, well, let’s just say it’s a little “out there.” Purple birds, flying cars, a pink tree in a dystopian world, you’re not going to be able to make this vision come to life without a serious Hollywood film budget.  

Bummer, right? 

But wait, is that fancy Hollywood film budget your only option?  

We’re happy to report that with the Text to Image technology available with Photoleap, it’s never been easier to think outside the box with your photos. 

Let’s chat about how our AI image generator works to get you the photos of your dreams.

What is AI? 

AI, or artificial intelligence, is the ability of a computer or machine to independently make choices that help it to achieve a goal. With this ability, AI technology can perform activities that we would typically associate with human actions. Driving a car, performing surgery, providing customer service, Alexa turning on the lights, and in our case, image generation, are all examples of AI technology in action. 


How does AI work? 

We would rather you start experimenting with the technology itself to get a feel for how it works, but for those tech junkies who want a little insight, we've got you covered. 

AI technology works by analyzing data and identifying patterns. 

But remember, this isn’t any small set of data. We’re talking about large sets of data and advanced algorithms that allow the AI to test different scenarios. Each time the AI runs through the data, it learns from experience and becomes “smarter”. Or, in other words, adjusting to ensure continuous improved performance.  

AI Image generators using text  

Okay, so that’s all well and good, but how are we using AI technology in order to generate images? 

Beyond taking a picture yourself or setting up an elaborate set, image generation—in particular, advanced image generation—used to be left to artists like photographers, painters, and graphic designers. You couldn’t simply pop out an image that perfectly captured your wildest dream vision.  

In July 2022, this changed when DALLE-E released its beta AI image generator. Since then, AI text to image technology has grown in popularity with Photoleap being the first first mobile photo editor app with text to image technology available. All you need is a smartphone and an imagination that is ready to be set free, and you’ll be able to quickly start creating.

To get going, you’ll use our Text to Image feature, where the AI will create an image from text. You can type whatever image idea comes to mind, click “generate”, and voila, you’ve got an AI-generated image that you can filter, retouch, reshape, doodle on, or add effects to. Creative control is entirely in your hands. 

Photoleap’s text to image AI Generator 

With over 30 million downloads, it doesn’t take much to see why so many creators love Photoleap. Using the most advanced technology available in AI image generation, the user-friendly nature of Photoleap keeps users coming back for more. 

Customers also love Photoleap because: 

  • Photoleap provides editing tools that allow you to customize your AI-generated image even further (i.e. background removal, cut-outs, crop, etc.) 
  • Photoleap provides a wide range of assets for that extra special touch (stickers, filters, effects, fonts, etc.)
  • Photoleap provides one-tap effects that allow you to add magical effects with just a quick tap of a button 
  • Photoleap allows you to create from scratch, to edit a picture, or to put together a collage 
  • Photoleap allows you to create multiple images from one prompt (just keep tapping “generate” until you are happy with your image)
  • Photoleap suggests different styles for your image, increasing the likelihood that the image fits your intended vision (i.e. dystopian, anime, film, etc.) 

Bottom line, there is no other mobile AI image generator out there that is as powerful and as user-friendly as Photoleap. Give it a try and you’ll quickly see what all the hype is about. 

Common usages and examples of AI Image Generators in action

Most people who come looking for an AI image generator from text online want something easy to use that can help them create images for social media. 

In some cases, this might mean creating a text to image from scratch, and in other cases, it might mean adding an AI-generated image to an older image that you already have on your camera roll.  

We also have some users who come to Photoleap looking to add AI-generated images to photos of themselves, while others create AI-generated images that have no people in them. 

We can’t wait to see what you get up to when you start creating with Phootleap! Try it out today for free to see for yourself what Photoleap is capable of.


What is an AI-generated image? 

An AI-generated image is an image that is generated using AI technology. 

How does AI generate images?

AI generates images using an advanced set of algorithms. It takes the words/phrases you input into the search box and it “learns” from it, providing you with output that either satisfies the search or not. 

What is the best AI image generator? 

If you want to create AI-generated images right from the palm of your hand, Photoleap provides the only mobile text to image generation. 

How do I generate AI images with Photoleap? 

If you want to generate AI images with Photoleap, you’ll first need to download the app onto your phone. From there, you can start playing with the technology for free using our 7-Day Free Trial. We recommend experimenting with all the features prior to creating your first image. In particular, you’ll want to navigate to the Text to Image button, which you’ll find at the bottom of your screen when you start a new project. From there, you can start typing in any image ideas that come to mind. The world is your oyster.

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