AI Backgrounds

Easy-to-use AI background generator

Bring your photos to life with a backdrop that speaks volumes! Replace, choose new backgrounds, and make custom backgrounds with the power of Photoleap’s AI background generator.

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Choose from tons of AI background presets

Try AI Backgrounds in any style you can imagine

Step into the limitless world of instant AI backgrounds to choose from in just a tap. From famous landmarks and locations to travel scenery to funny backgrounds, choose the perfect background for your mood.

Or define your own background with custom prompts. Skip the hassle of searching for stock photos or elaborate studio set ups.

Generate backgrounds for social media

Photoleap's AI-generated backgrounds are just right to make your content pop. In seconds, discover or create a range of styles that fit perfectly with your social media theme, showcase diverse locations without leaving your home, and design visuals that engage and captivate your followers.

Create AI generated backgrounds for social media platforms
Use our product background generator for your business

Spotlight your products in uniquely designed backdrops

Our AI product background generator brings your creative vision to life with ease, offering a collection of eye-catching, studio-grade backdrops. Perfect for e-commerce, professional mock-ups, vibrant ad visuals, social media campaigns and more.

Generate profile picture backgrounds

Upgrade your LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, or even your Tinder profile with a backdrop that complements your persona. Our AI tool crafts cool profile picture backgrounds that add a dash of creativity and professionalism to your portraits on your online presence.

Generate backgrounds for your profile pictures
Create AI generated wallpapers for your phone

Personalize your screens with AI wallpapers

Create stunning AI generated wallpapers with the Photoleap app for your mobile screens and desktops that reflect your vibe. Dive into an endless selection of designs at your fingertips or create your own with custom prompts with our AI wallpaper generator. 

Make fun virtual backgrounds for any occasion 

Inject some fun into your photos! Create holiday-themed virtual backgrounds, placing yourself in bucket-list destinations or craft cool virtual backgrounds for holiday family photos without actual setups like a pumpkin patch for Halloween.

Make fun virtual backgrounds for holidays and more

How to make AI backgrounds?

How to make ai background
  • 1

    Tap on AI Backgrounds

    To start, open the Photoleap app and navigate to AI Backgrounds.

  • 2

    Upload your photo

    Choose a photo from your device that you want to give a new background to.

  • 3

    Explore presets or go custom

    Pick from an array of preset backgrounds—from landscapes to textures—or unleash your creativity with custom prompts.

  • 4

    Download and share

    Once your masterpiece is complete, download it and share it with the world!

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Upscale photos with Photoleap

AI Image Upscaler

Easily upscale pictures and create stunning 4K visuals from text with Photoleap's AI-powered tools.

Change image styles with AI photo style transfer

AI Image Style Transfer

Change and stylize image styles into art by applying the look of one photo to another.

hair try on tool

AI Hairstyle Simulator

Easily change hair colors and try on new hairstyles with Photoleap's virtual hair editor.

Get tattoo inspiration with Photoleap’s AI tattoo generator

AI Tattoo Generator

Ready to rock a virtual tattoo? Create custom tattoo designs – no ink, no commitment and pain-free!

Create and inspire with the AI rooms planner

AI Interior Design

Reimagine your space with our AI interior design tools — from room makeovers to furniture swaps!

AI replace objects with Photoleap’s AI Transform tool

AI Replace

Transform images with AI! Add, replace or change objects in your photos, enhancing them with new elements or designs.

Use the photo colorizer to colorize black and white photos

AI Colorize Photo

Bring a splash of color to your images! Colorize photos from black and white, breathing life into every frame.

Use our AI text to image generator to create beautiful images

AI Image Generator

Imagine any scene, describe it, and watch our AI generator turn text to image and craft artwork instantly.

Expand the backgrounds of your photos with AI Uncrop

AI Image Extender

Stretch, expand image backgrounds, and reimagine photos beyond their original frame with AI Uncrop.

Sharpen and enhance photos with our AI image enhancer

AI Photo Enhancer

Sharpen and enhance photo resolution of blurry or old family photos into high definition.

Add AI photo filters to your photos to stand out

AI Photo Filters

Start with your photo and reimagine yourselves and your world with the power of AI photo filters & effects.

Use Photoleap’s AI photo to painting tools to create works of art

AI Photo to Painting

Unleash the artist within you! Turn pictures into beautiful paintings with our AI painting features.

AI Backgrounds FAQ

Is Photoleap’s AI background generator free to use?

Yes! Photoleap’s AI background generator is free to use. Start transforming your photos and create AI art right away with no cost.

Can I use the AI background maker online?

AI Backgrounds is currently exclusive to the Photoleap app, which you can download on your iOS or Android device.

How do AI generated backgrounds work?

With Photoleap’s background generator, the magic starts with background diffusion technology. It detects the main subject in your photo and distinguishes it from the existing backdrop. This smart separation allows you to effortlessly apply new, AI-generated backgrounds, giving your photos a professional and artistic touch.